This year he is right in the middle of it instead of just there, getting to know the dance floor from a new perspective.

This year he is right in the middle of it instead of just there, getting to know the dance floor from a new perspective.

This year he is right in the middle of it instead of just there, getting to know the dance floor from a new perspective. Together with Maria Santner he starts with a slow waltz to “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”.

© ORF / Hans Leitner Martin Ferdiny and Maria Santner

How did the jury think? Dirk Heidemann praises Maria’s tough training methods, wants a little more show. Karina Sarkissova saw a James Bond who mutated into a terminator and says Martin should be more out of himself. Balász Ekker also misses the ease and coolness, but does see potential. Nicole Hansen also has to complain about the expression, so the jury is in agreement here – also with the award of six points each. Martin Ferdiny receives 24 points for his appearance.

Norbert Schneider, the Latin lover

Norbert Schneider dances a cha-cha-cha with Conny Kreuter to “When Love Takes Over”. The musician says his professional partner turned him into a Latin lover during training. Mirjam Weichselbraun compares the “brave little tailor” with James Dean.

© ORF / Hans Leitner Norbert Schneider and Conny Kreuter

For Karina Sarkissova, Norbert is a “hot tip” for the final, but she warns against taking it calmly. Balász Ekker only noticed the Latin lover in his face, otherwise he claims to have seen a “rigid body”. He thinks it is exaggerated to speculate about a place in the final. “I was excited about your arm choreography,” says Nicole Hansen. Dirk Heidemann found the joint appearance “very sexy”. There are 22 points for the performance – with just two points from Balász.

Otto Retzer and the storm clouds

Otto Retzer initially had his problems with Roswitha Wieland. The director first had to understand that in this case his professional partner is holding the reins, he has to trust her assessment. The chemistry doesn’t seem to be right. In the first show, the couple danced a slow waltz to “Edelweiss” from the Hollywood shredded “The Sound of Music”.

© ORF / Hans Leitner Otto Retzer and Roswitha Wieland

Balász Ekker, referring to Otto Retzer’s saying in training, “The best of the bad is shit too”, this could also have been his, but thought it was “okay” at the beginning. Nicole Hansen especially praises the dancer Rosi and advises Otto to trust his partner more and to see everything more positively. Dirk Heidemann likes Retzer, but he doesn’t really like his dance. “For me it was more of a pantomime than a dance,” says Karina Sarkissova. There are 12 points for the appearance. This time Balász is the most generous with four points. We remember: Norbert Schneider only got two from him earlier.

At Volker Piesczek, the crocodile snaps shut

“Notnagel” Volker Piesczek stepped in for the injured Martin Leutgeb and also took over his professional partner Alexandra that writes research papers for you What is noticeable during training: In contrast to the previous pair, the chemistry is right here. To the sounds of “September” the two perform a cha-cha-cha in the first show.

© ORF / Hans Leitner Volker Piesczek and Alexandra Scheriau

Nicole Hansen praises Volker’s “Body-Wave”, but in general she found the Cha-Cha-Cha not natural enough. Dirk Heidemann felt a “positive energy”, Karina Sarkissava found the performance “very spirited”, but “absolutely hipless”. Balász Ekker is more than dissatisfied and ends with a rant: “If you have something, you can go home otherwise.” So it’s finally back, the “Dancing Stars” crocodile. There are a total of 19 points for Volker.

After the first show, none of the celebrity men had to leave the dance floor. Next week it will be the turn of the celebrity ladies, who this time showed a freestyle, in Show 3 it will be really serious for the first time, because then the couple that receives the fewest points or calls has to leave.

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On the eighth day in the jungle camp, the mood is subdued after Miss Menke’s departure. “Mum is leaving”, says Marc and Florian even cry. “La Grande Family” is no longer the same, but camp life has to go on and accordingly the next test, which the Lords of Creation will take this time, will go on. Otherwise there are numerous confessions: Kader takes a liking to hairy Markus, Hanka talks about love and Marc about his money and women’s problems. And in the end Sarah Joelle has to pack the bags.

Miss Menke had to leave the jungle camp as the first star on the eighth day! The audience voted out the NDW star! Before that, only she and Markus were in the running for the relegation zone. And Miss Menke got the fewest votes from the audience and got the short straw. But she doesn’t let it show: “Okay, someone has to go! It’s like that, then I still have vacation. ”And further:“ I don’t think that’s so bad, then I get to hear something about the country and its people. One is always the first to go. “Marc:” I think my mum is leaving. “


And – who would have thought that – Florian even cries: “I had a lot of cool conversations with her and I was also able to laugh a lot. She is the first person who showed me that I don’t have to be afraid of getting older. That means a lot to me. ”After a final“ We are La Familia Grande ”group call, Miss Menke leaves the camp.


And how is the expelled: “It’s terrible. I didn’t expect that at all. Saying goodbye touches me now. I really enjoyed living here. I will all miss them. I am already sad. But now I’m still looking forward to experiencing Australia a little. “


Jungle test “jerk sip”

Pat your shoulder, drink and explain: Based on the classic show “Ruck Zuck”, Florian, Thomas, Marc, Markus and Honey have to take part in the jungle test “Ruck Schluck” on the eighth day. The stars have nominated themselves. Here, too, the candidates have to introduce themselves briefly, but of course different rules apply in the jungle than with the usual “jerk”! One after the other, the five stars have to explain a given term to the next camper. He has to guess it correctly. The term must be guessed correctly chronologically from star two to five. It always starts at the beginning.

© RTL / Stefan Menne

The other jungle heroes have headphones on with loud music on and are only allowed to take them off when their neighbor taps them on the shoulder. But that’s not all, because each star has to drink a jungle shot before explaining (the shot is the same for all celebrities in each game round). The five stars can earn a total of eleven stars.

© RTL / Stefan Menne

The moderators warmly greet the jungle heroes. Daniel Hartwich: “Are you happy that five of you are allowed to compete?” As if from one mouth, everyone replies: “Yes, of course.” Sonja Zietlow asks: “Do you know the classic ´Ruck Zuck´? Marc: “No.” Sonja Zietlow: “At the very beginning five people always come in and they always introduce themselves into the camera. Wave at the camera and say a funny sentence about yourself. “

© RTL / Stefan Menne

Daniel Hartwich: “Then Marc starts, there is your camera.” Marc: “Hello, I’m Marc Terenzi, I’m 38 years old and come from Hanover. And I think I don’t look as old as I am. “Markus:” Hey, I’m Markus Majowski and I travel a lot in Germany, but I always have a suitcase in Berlin. “Honey:” Hello, this is yours Honey, I’m 34 years old and from Frankfurt and today I’ll swallow everything for the team. “Florian:” Hey, Florian is here, I’m doing very well today, I’m high class. “Thomas:” Hey, me I’m Thomas Häßler, I’m 50, come from Berlin and I’m very fit. “

© RTL / Stefan Menne

After Daniel, Sonja and Dr. Bob once more explained the rules, the game can begin. The shots are served, headphones on and off we go. The advisers turn away from the moderators and Marc gets his term from Daniel Hartwich. And the two minutes run! The singer drinks the “pureed puke shot” and pats Markus on the shoulder. He takes off his headphones and listens to Marc: “There are many in the sky.” Markus: “Clouds.” Marc: “No.” Markus: “Angels.” Marc: “They are bright.” Markus: “Stars.”

© RTL / Stefan Menne

Markus drinks ex and pats Honey on the shoulder. He takes off the headphones. Markus: “They shine in the sky at night.” Honey: “Stars.” And Honey swallows everything, knocks and Florian takes off the headphones. “Honey:” Icke Häßler is a football … “Florian:” World champion, player, national team … “Honey:“ Even higher in the sky. ”Florian:“ Hero, soccer god, professional, soccer god, soccer professional, soccer leader, god. ”Honey:“ What do we see in the sky at night? ”Florian:“ Star, soccer star, star. ”

© RTL / Stefan Menne

And Florian drinks ex and pats on Thomas’s shoulder: “A sun is created, that’s also called …” Thomas: “Birth.” Florian: “I have a lot of tattoos, they are mostly …” Thomas: “Tattoos.” Florian : “I tattooed individual things.” Thomas: “Tribal, star.” Florian: “Okay, say again.” Thomas: “Shooting star, star.” Florian: “Most.” Thomas: “Stars.” -World champion drinks the “pureed puke-fruit shot” on ex.

© RTL / Stefan Menne

The first round is over. Daniel Hartwich: “I don’t have such good news. Unfortunately, Marc made a gesture, towards heaven, that doesn’t count. And the honey repeated ‘night’, i.e. We have to subtract two stars. ”Result: 0 stars.

The show is not over yet. In the second round there is bitter melon juice with pureed sheep testicles. The term to guess is “silicone”. The men explain the term to each other, but Icke makes too many gestures, which is why there is only one point. In the third round there is pork blood with pureed pork liver, there is not enough time here, which is why there is no star. In the fourth round the men have to drink pork sperm shots and get two stars. In the fifth round there are cow urine shots. Although it was given three stars, the stars collectively reject it. Overall, Florian, Thomas, Marc, Markus and Honey earn three out of eleven stars. A meager yield.

Marc talks about his debts

“They always ask me, do you feel like a star, a celebrity? I don’t want to be called that because I can’t do anything. I became known through a docu-soap. My wife is sometimes referred to as a celebrity, she hates it like the plague, ”explains Jens at the campfire. Marc: “The only time that the celebrity bothers me is when I’m out with my children and they try to take photos of my children. That annoys me about my ex-girlfriend. She always makes videos of my son in the press. My children mean a lot to me. Without my children, I don’t know what I would do today. “


Miss Menke asks: “Your ex-girlfriend does that and she’ll fight you?” Marc: “She says I’m not paying for the child.” Jens throws in: “I know that!” Marc: “But that is Bullshit. I have all the receipts every time I’ve paid for the child. But she wants to have the press, to be against me. When I get out of the jungle, I clear my whole story. I do the jungle for the money, then I can finish everything, then I have no more debts. My ex-management ripped me off. He didn’t pay anything. He took my whole fee and paid nothing. I had to file for bankruptcy. You have everything and suddenly you have nothing. You’re downstairs, you’re alone, it’s very difficult. But I’m leaving it all behind me now. All ‘of my money goes straight to my liquidator and I can start my new life!”

Hanka and love

Sarah Joelle Hanka probes in a cozy fire circle: “I was just thinking that you weren’t touching people, what do you do in bed?” Hanka explains: “Whenever a real feeling comes, like adrenaline , Relief or love, then the compulsion goes backwards. So if I choose someone and take them with me into my life, then I make my decision 100 percent. Ur-Hanka demands her rights and she takes it. But as soon as the relationship gets a bit ticklish, it becomes difficult again. Then the questions come first: ‘Have you washed your hands?’ “


Hanka continues: “The last relationship was ten years and that was the first full-blown relationship. But he couldn’t take it. I’m already so exhausting and the compulsion makes me even more exhausting. He replaced me immediately after two months. That was bitter. Actually we just said we’d take a ‘break. If there is love at first sight, then it really was with us. He brought me a showcase and set it up. I came out of the bathroom without make-up, unfriendly in a bathrobe – and there he was! I immediately went back to the bathroom and quickly made up. I need someone who balances me out, who puts me on the ground with my feet. I always say so, then it wasn’t the right pairing. “Marc:” It’s also difficult to live with me! “Gina-Lisa nods vigorously:” Yes! “

The revelation

Sarah Joelle and Kader are lying in a hammock. They are also about men. “I told myself that I would protect my love life better in the future. Only if I get married will I definitely come out, ”says Sarah Joelle. Kader: “I got married way too early. I was 17 and he was over 40. He was a seasoned man. We got married in Istanbul because I was still a minor, but you can do that. I always liked older men. My ex-husband looked really great. Blond, blue-eyed and muscular. I used to be into muscular men. Total bullshit. Today I see Marc running around here, and that doesn’t interest me at all. Today I like Markus types. So intellectual, experienced, funny, with tummy and with hair.